Sharing my experience of food with Menulog promo codes will help you generate better decision making capabilities, when it comes to food.

I work in a software house as a lead engineer; I have a team of 14 engineers working under my supervision. We take international projects from all over the world. Some of our part is outsourced to the sub-continent. I made this team in 4 years. All of my team members are handpicked by me and I always treat them as my own family.

We are working on one online education portal for past 8 months; all my team is dedicated on this project day and night. It’s one of the biggest university portals, and will be deployed all over the world. Next month we will be launching the first version in US. We all are so excited about it because it’s one of our projects which will be operated around the world regularly. Also, it is related to education which automatically encourages us to give our best possible shot to it.

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All this time, we were managing our time very efficiently and were well set to launch it on time. But due to my health crisis, I had to go to the hospital for a week, last month. It was nothing very serious, as I over stressed and now I am back but work was little behind the scheduled. My team was very helpful and supportive all this time and agreed to do overtime to compensate the work hours which we lost because of my illness.

So we decided to work three Saturdays continuously to overcome the lost progress and my team was happily agreed to it. Technically, it was my fault that they had to work for an extra day at office and I didn’t know how to make up for my mistake. I wanted to give my team the most satisfied environment where they could work easily without starving. As every person has their unique taste in food so it is difficult to get all of them on one page. However, I was previously linked with this web, Menulog that covers almost all local restaurants so you can easily place order according to your choice and have computerized codes of Menulog vouchers that helps you get up to 50% off on your selected eateries.

I made all the extra days quite relaxing for my team by ordering their favorite food and creating a de-stressing environment where they could work efficiently. Moreover, I used the discounts offered by Menulog Discount Codes which was truly economical by every means. Finally, we were able to complete our task on time and I got the most desired outcome of my efforts and every single penny paid off the hard work that I did for this project.


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