Why Does Hair Color Change

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No Stress DOESNT Turn Your Hair Grey And Mens Beards

when your hair starts to change colors sometimes its subtle or drastic depending on what is making your hair turn colors a good hair dye job puts you in a good mood but when your colored hair , hair is one the most sensitive parts of the bodyit reacts to changes in mood environment and lifestyle most people will experience a change in their hair color when they are children and again when they are senior citizens

certain emotions also can change both pupil size and iris color thats why some people say their eyes change colors when theyre angry or loving thats why some people say their eyes change colors when theyre angry or loving, like other physical traits hair color is determined by genes received from both parents unlike other genes except for those that affect eye color which work the same way genes that control hair color can be ignored or turned off, there are many reasons why your eyes may at least appear to change color in certain cases like eye disease and changes in your diet your eye color may truly change however many times it is only a matter of perspective and elements that can reflect into your eyes tricking the mind of those looking at you into thinking your eyes just changed into a different shade, hair color can continue darkening for well into adolescence my hair continued to darken and i was asked in high school why i was coloring it darker i wasnt

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